Important Assignments Undertaken

  1. Decentralized District Planning of three district

    Vikalpa, being consortium partner with NIWCYD finalized the vision documents of following district

    • Gondia
    • Gadchiroli
    • Nanded

    Capacity building training of BRGF staff in theses district carried out Annual Work Plans for all villages in the three BRGF districts completed based on the gaps in the sectors and priority required as per planning commissions guidelines perspective Plan document submitted for all three districts for 2012-2017. Total MOU cost is 22 lakh for five years for one district. First advance of Rs. 2.4 lakh received for all three districts and payment of 3.5 lakh is pending in all district. Matter is being perused for release of payment.

  2. Comprehensive District Development Plan of Nanded
  3. Vision 2030 covering all 22 sectors prepared, which has been evaluated by Mr. Narendra Jadhav, Member Planning Commission Government of India.500 copes printed and the books was published at the hands of Hon. Chief Minister Shri Pritviraj Chouhan . Total cost of the project was 12.56 lakh and received the same in full

  4. Rehabilitation and Resettlement : Karnataka Emta Coal Mines Limited
    • Award of two gavthan completed
    • Agreement with Government approved
    • Karnataka Emta Coal Mines Limited: Nearly 60 families have been resettled by giving the package
    • Several Meetings with the affected community
    • Prepared section 13(3) reports, enquiry conducted with Collector Chandrapur
    • Counseling of families to vacate house
  5. Rehabilitation and Resettlement : Kolar Pimpri OCP project of Western Coalfields Limited
    • Rehabilitation and Resettlement Action Plan prepared for three villages Aheri Pimpri and Pimpri
    • Presentation of RAP before the village panchayat, WCL officials
    • Received the pending payment
    • Meeting with the rehabilitation committee
  6. Rehabilitation and Resettlement : Penganga OCP project of Western Coalfields Limited
    • Draft RAP prepared and submitted for Virur villages rehabilitation
    • TILR survey completed
    • Alternate site for shifting identified
    • Base line survey report finalized and personated
    • Payment received which was due for submission of BLSES report
  7. Rehabilitation and Resettlement : Durgapur OCP project of Western Coalfields Limited
    • Final RAP submitted and presented to managmenet
    • Several Meeting with the villagers
    • Payment pending for delay in submission of report
  8. Rehabilitation and Resettlement : Bhatadi OCP project of Western Coalfields Limited
    • Base line socio-economic data collected , analyzed and prepared BLSES document
    • Several meetings with the villagers
    • Payment due on submission of Base Line Survey Report cleared
  9. Quality Education in rural areas
    • Approval for vikalpas first school under Maharashtra Self Financed School Act 2012 obtained and started first and second standard
    • New games design to teach teachers
    • Teachers training conducted
  10. Women Empowerment
    • Skill development training given to SHGs
    • Handholding in microfinance completed
    • Skill development and training of 30 youths completed in security personel with placement
  11. Executing lease deed of 1 ha land completed. Now Vikalpa has its own centre on 1 ha land taken on 50 years long lease registered.
    Fix deposit of Rs 3 lakh in the name of Vikalpa with SBI Nagpur completed.



Sr.No.School NameAddressPhone
1 Dhinanath Higher School Dhantoli Nagpur 123654897