Important Assignments Undertaken

  1. Rehabilitation and Resettlement:Penganga OCP project of Western Coalfields Limited, Wani Area, Chandrapur District
    • Updated draft of RAP and submitted for Wirur village rehabilitation
    • Alternate site for shifting finalized
    • Sanction the extension of Penganga project by WCL, Wani area for the project
    • Submitted bill for Baseline report submission
  2. Rehabilitation and Resettlement: Dinesh MKD III Project of WCL, Umrer Area, Nagpur District
    • New Project Sanction for Dinesh MKD III Project of WCL, of Umrer Area, Nagpur District
    • Base line data collection survey completed
    • Baseline Survey Report discussed and shared with Grampanchyat Hewati
    • Baseline Report submitted to WCL umrer Area with the endorsement of Gram panchyat Hewati
  3. Promotion of Natural Farming:
    • Vikalp established Nature resources management center at Bawangoan Campus
      Objective of this center is to establish the model of soil and water management, organic
      crop management, organic pest management and produce organic food for consumer.
      This year we sown 20 to 25 types of crop(Vegetables, grains and pulse).which was sold
      as a organic food at Lendra park Market in Nagpur. More than 500 farmers visited to center to understand the organic practices.
  4. Quality Education in rural areas:
    • Abhydaya Global Village School enrolled 234 students during 2015-16 from Nursery to Standard 4rd
    • Teachers training: To maintain the school educational quality and upgrade the knowledge & skill of AGVS School.
      Teachers training and workshop was organized during summer vacation. School Administration leads this event and it will become a regular activity.
    • Aanand Jatra: Enterprise based educational activity organized for AGVS School Student during 8th and 9th January, 2016 at school campus Banwangoan , Saoner, Nagpur Objective of event is to educate student in the subject of entrepreneurship with practical
      experience. Second, to create linkages within rural and urban population on agro produce marketing. Third, to inaugurate the students co-operative named “Arthmanthen” as a business activity.
      The inauguration of “Anand Jatra” had done by Nagpur Divisional Commissioner Mr. Anupkumar through Lenten flying on sky.
      Overall 700 parents and urban people participated in event.
  5. Health checkup camp for Rural Saoner Block
    • Health check up camp organized for AGVS School Student mothers, Matrus Shakti
      Docters team came for health check up. Approximately 125 women got benefit of campam.
  6. Tree Plantation
    • To reduce pollution and reduced Co2 mitigation tree plantation event done at Bawangoan Village. Big tree which have 300to 350 years of life that was planted
  7. Swacha Bharat Mission massage speared in Khubala village
    • Indian Pry minister Mr. Naredra Modi launch Swacha bharat Mission. It is good massage and appreciated by Vikalpa. Vikalpa was organized “Swachata Gao Abhiyan” with the Gram Panchyat Khubala on 2nd oct 2015. Khubala Village Gram panchyat and Agvs Scool student was participated in campaign.
  8. New Proposals submitted
    • Proposal for residential schooling and shelter for 30 destitute children submitted to Smile Foundation, New Delhi.
    • Proposal submitted to CEE India for small grant programme on Development of Alternative fuel/ Fuel Briquettes from, Biodegradable Waste/ Agriculture Waste / Municipal Waste through community participation.
    • Proposal Submitted to IFA Pvt Ltd Fiinovation New Delhi on dairy development Project.
    • Project proposal for skill development of women to take up agriculture as vocation




VIKALPA, a congregation of technocrats and community peers for creating synergy for sustainable management of natural resources


VIKALPA firmly believes in Gandhian ideology and has laid down a value framework within which the organisations will work. These includes Participatory approach ,
decentralised decision making and Involvement of community in decision making processes and finally work with Shrimad Bhagvat Gita Philosophy
“ Sarvetra Sukhina Santu, Sarve Santu Niramaya” which is reflecting on our logo


VIKALPA is committed to: A self reliant, self propelled and responsible society committed for sustainable development.

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