Vision/Mission and Core Values Statement

Vikalpa is committed towards a self-reliant, self-propelled and responsible society committed for sustainable development. Vikalpa firmly believes in the Gandhian ideology and has laid down a value framework within which the organization will work. This includes participatory approach, decentralized decision making, involvement of community in decision making processes and finally work with Shrimad Bhagvat Gita Philosophy of “Sarvetra Sukhina Santu, Sarve Santu Niramaya” which is reflecting in our logo.


Basic objective of Vikalpa is to work in rural areas for development through science, technical and spiritual interventions. Vikalpa has focused on following areas of work:

  • Economic rehabilitation of project affected persons in stages of planning, implementation till successful socio-economical rehabilitation
  • Decentralized District Planning of Backward Districts
  • Women empowerment including SHG formation, strengthening, training including preparation of SHG Kits, federation documents, micro insurance of the women members of the SHGs and small and micro enterprise promotion
  • Entrepreneurial support and hand holding to village youth in land based income generation
  • Promotion of Agriculture and Horticulture activities for technological extension, demonstration and dissemination through centers
  • Group Building and Awareness Programs for Tribal and Rural Women, JFM focused activities
  • Networking with NGOs and People’s Organizations on the issues of livelihood and capacity building of the community and community based organizations
  • Advocacy for NREGA, FRA, FC ACT, RTI
  • Quality and cost effective education and health services for the marginalized through opening and running schools and hospital in rural areas
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1 Dhinanath Higher School Dhantoli Nagpur 123654897